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Stuart Criminal Defense

Since our beginning, Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices has never shied away from the tough cases. Whether you are facing murder charges or under investigation for embezzlement, our experienced defense attorneys can deliver the aggressive representation you need to defend your rights.

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  • 24/7 availability
  • Responsive counsel – returning all phone calls promptly
  • Excellent communication – such as frequent updates on your case progress
  • Personal attention allowing clients to work directly with our attorneys
  • Customized representation that is tailored to your specific needs

Our seasoned criminal defense team has extensive years of combined experience safeguarding the rights of the criminally accused, and we are ready to defend you!

If you have been arrested or have reason to believe you soon will be, please don’t wait to obtain the aggressive representation you deserve. Take the first steps to safeguarding your rights by contacting our Treasure Coast defense firm today.

Don’t let one criminal allegation change your future.

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Why choose a former prosecutor & public defender? You deserve effective counsel when your freedom is at stake!

At Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices, our highly skilled team of lawyers includes both a former prosecutor and prior public defenders. This experience has equipped our firm with the keen legal insight required to analyze your case from all angles, regardless of how complicated thecharges may seem.

As former prosecutors, we are trained to spot weaknesses in the state’s case. We know how to exploit them to your advantage. As former public defenders, we have taken on all types of cases that have been thrown our way. With profound experiences working on all fronts of the criminal justice system, you can be confident that we are able to deliver the proactive strategies you need during your legal crisis.

There are countless benefits to working with a Stuart criminal defense lawyer who has experience such as ours. Consider the following advantages you can gain by making the choice to work with Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices:

  • We use our experience from the other side of the fence to predict how prosecutors will try to present, prosecute, and penalize your case.
  • We use our knowledge to create effective counter arguments, challenges, and rebuttals to protect your rights and liberties.
  • We litigate and negotiate fiercely to help you secure the best possible outcome.
  • We utilize cutting-edge defense tactics, technologies, and resources to secure compelling and persuasive evidence that can be used in your favor.
  • We establish close relationships with our clients so that we can represent their side of the story in the most effective manner.
  • We never simply settle for a plea bargain or for the easy way out; rather, we proactively pursue the best results for you, including acquittal, dismissal, or expunction eligibility.

Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices stands ready to protect you.

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Dedicated Advocacy for Any Criminal Charge

Criminal Defense StuartNo matter if have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, we recognize that this may be the most difficult crisis you will ever encounter. At Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices, we have earned a reputation as born litigators, legal defenders, and protectors of justice.

Whether you need compelling advocacy in front of a jury trial or at the negotiating tables, we can provide unwavering support to help you navigate the Florida criminal justice system.

From bail hearings to courtroom representation, our experienced team of defense lawyers will be by your side every step of the way. We do whatever it takes to protect your best interests and your freedoms.

Our team of Stuart criminal defense attorneys defends a broad range of
criminal charges, including:


Prosecutors could be creating a case against you now! Call our team 24/7 for FREE – (772) 888-8888.

When your freedom and future hangs in the balance, we understand the enormous amount of stress you are dealing with. Our firm places a high priority on addressing our clients’ concerns as promptly as possible, and we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We strive to make sure you are kept in the loop at all times so you can feel confident in your choice of legal representation. Our firm is also proud to represent clients in Okeechobee, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas.

Ready to protect your freedoms and your liberties? Take action before a prosecutor can!

Call our offices today or request a free consultation to get started.

Tell us about your case below

GG Anonymous
GG Anonymous
03:41 29 Jun 18
Words cannot describe the outstanding jobMr. Gorman did on my husband’s case. The case was not simple or easy, it was just filled with terrible circumstances. An event that could have ruined the lives of our family for years to come. He somehow was able to get some extremely serious charges reduced significantly.....the outcome was far better than we were ever expecting or hoping for. If he at times cannot get back to you right away, it is because he is working his magic. We will never forget him and will forever be thankful to more
Letrecial Jones
Letrecial Jones
01:27 04 Apr 18
Jeff Gorman is nothing but the truth. My son was facing prison time until we hired Mr. Gorman. He is an excellent Lawyer, very professional and gets straight to the point.This is the first night in a long time I could relax knowing my son will not be going to prison. I recommend Jeff Gorman to anyone, any day and any time. Jeff Gorman today 04/03/18 you put a big smile on my face.. Thanks a million Jeff Gorman!!!read more
Marissa Minor
Marissa Minor
15:49 30 Mar 18
Mr. Gorman is nothing short of exceptional. I went to Jeff as a second opinion as I didn't feel my lawyer had my best interest at heart. Upon consultation, I immediately hired Jeff. He was professional, precise, and extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of law. He is nothing short a miracle. Needless to say, I received no jail (facing up to 30 years). Mr. Gorman and staff always kept me informed and fought for me. I would highly recommend him. It doesn't get any better than more
joel genzen
joel genzen
19:13 10 May 18
Jeff has extensive knowledge in the field. I used his services twice. In both cases I had my charges dropped and reduced to a minimum. Highly recommend above all!read more
Brian Cain
Brian Cain
01:27 28 Jun 18
Jeff is very understanding and he tries to help you a lot especially when the system comes after you and tries to screw you he's very respectful and honest he does try to help you real hardread more
Ali Nassar
Ali Nassar
03:04 19 Aug 18
by god willing than Mr.Jeff effort I got the 2 charges on me dropped he was with me almost everyday since the beginning of the case honest and clear person and I can’t thank him enoughread more
Thomas Rose
Thomas Rose
16:21 29 Aug 18
Jeff Gorman office's an excellent defense attorney. He did exactly what he promised to do and got my charges dismissed. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs an expert criminal defense attorney in Stuart more
Dulce Escobar
Dulce Escobar
20:37 12 Sep 18
Since I was 19 I have used Jeff for any uncomfortable situation I ran into with the law. Mostly for traffic criminal charges. I have used him on several occasions through out the years. Needless to say he has never disappointed me. He is very good at what he does. Friendly, effecient, and aggressive when it comes to defending you. I wish him the best he is awesome!!!read more
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez
19:54 18 Sep 18
Mr. Gorman is not only a great attorney by in my book, he’s a magician. He defended me on a “VERY SERIOUS” case with multiple charges (I will not mentioned here). From a 25 year sentence in which 17 would had been minimum mandatory, he managed to have serious charges dropped/abandone and was able to get me a deal that I was able to do at home. I hired him on a VOP (Violation Of Probation) for the same case and he was able to have the court reinstate my probation as we had proof that I in fact did not violate probation. Lastly, I hired him once again on an accident case in which I got injured and his attorney, Erika was able to get top dollar for such. I could go on with positive feedback. Overall, I’m 100% satisfied from day one. I won’t call any other attorney as he has proven to work for you every step of the more
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