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Understanding Doctor Shopping Charges

What is doctor shopping? It typically consists of someone travelling to various doctors in order to get their hands on multiple doses of prescribed painkillers within a 30-day span. The reason this “doctor shopping” is sometimes also referred to as withholding information, is that this crime usually means a patient has to use fraud or deception to hide the fact they have received painkillers from multiple other doctors.

What are the penalties for doctor shopping in Florida?

  • Up to a five-year prison sentence
  • Up to a $5,000 fine
  • A public & permanent criminal record

These are the penalties for a third degree felony in Florida. If you are said to possess enough of these drugs to warrant a trafficking charge, the felony charges you face could escalate in severity.

Unfortunately, these drug trafficking charges could be involved in a simple possession case, or worse still, an innocent person could face felony doctor shopping charges for following legitimate prescriptions. Whatever the reasons you find yourself facing these serious charges, you need a tenacious legal advocate in your corner.


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