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Under investigation or accused of a white collar crime?

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White Collar Crime Defense Stuart

Originally coined to cover nonviolent crimes committed only by business or government professionals, the term white collar now includes most financially-motivated crimes.

Our experienced Stuart criminal defense lawyers can present the dynamic and resolute advocacy you need to dispute white collar crime charges.

Generally, any illegal activity designed to cheat or defraud without the use of physical force can fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. Defendants accused of these type of crimes include individuals from almost every socio-economic sector. If you have reason to believe you are the target of a white collar crime investigation or have already been arrested, it is vital that you retain a highly skilled attorney!

Because most white collar crimes are prosecuted in federal court, your prosecutor will have the full weight of the federal judicial system behind them. With a former prosecutor on our team at Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices, we can offer the formidable defense required to confront such allegations.

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Small-Firm Setting, Big-Firm Power

Stuart White Collar Crime DefenseDue to the nature of financial crimes, you will need to seek legal guidance from a Stuart white collar crime defense lawyer who understands how to protect you from the heavy hand of the law. In most cases, the federal government will become involved in your case – meaning you could be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), or the US Postal Inspection Service (PIS).

When facing off against such powerhouses, you will need to be represented by a legal team that can counter any allegations with hard-hitting strategies and compelling defenses. Our Stuart white collar crime defense firm is comprised of a team of natural-born litigators who go the distance to protect you to the highest extent of the law. Though we may be small in number, we are certainly not small in stature. We possess the power, skill, resources, and tenacity needed to maneuver your case successfully.

Why You Need Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices on Your Side

  • We have had experiencetaking cases to trial, including highly publicized criminal matters and high-profile clients.
  • We have extensive knowledge of Constitutional Law and can determine if or when your rights have been violated or compromised.
  • We are former prosecutors and former public defendants who are whole-heartedly committed to protecting the rights of the accused.
  • We utilize cutting-edge investigative resources to uncover evidence (financial and forensic) to support and strengthen our defense strategy.
  • We keep our clients closely informed of their case development from start to finish and maintain 24/7 availability for peace of mind.

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Put Years of Sophisticated Defense
Experience in Your Corner

Stuart White Collar Crime DefenseWhite collar crimes can be extensively complicated. At Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices, we don’t wait for our opponent to act first. We swiftly initiate proactive and sophisticated strategies specifically designed to counteract the case against you.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and testimony from leading computer specialists, we can make sure you put up a strong fight against your charges. A fervent defense and prepared attorney offers the best chance for a favorable outcome.

White collar crime cases we handle:

White Collar Crime Defense Stuart

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Penalties for white collar crime convictions are increasingly harsh. Depending on the nature of the crime, defendants may be facing up to a lifetime spent in prison.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, there is no time to waste to begin vigorously defending your rights, your reputation, and your future! Don’t jeopardize your freedom by foregoing your right to retain legal counsel. Choose to work with our law firm immediately.

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