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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Stuart Florida and Port St. Lucie Florida

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Whether you are facing your first criminal charge or your fourth, you cannot take this time lightly. Your reputation, freedom, and future could be on the line. Federal crimes are often prosecuted much more severe than state crimes, making it absolutely crucial that you retain a Stuart criminal defense lawyer who is prepared to aggressively advocate on your behalf. That is where Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices comes in. Our firm is here to stand by your side from the beginning to the end of your case. No matter the circumstances, you can count on us to deliver a strategic and effective defense that has your best interests in mind.

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What makes federal crimes different than state crimes?

To put it simply, state crimes break state laws. That means if you commit a crime that violates Florida law, you will be accused of a state crime. On the other hand, federal crimes break federal legal code, carrying much heavier consequences. While these offenses can overlap in some cases, federal prosecution will usually take over. Ranging from mail fraud to drug trafficking, any offense prosecuted at the federal level will bring more serious penalties under the federal guidelines. The guidelines include specific rules and a point system that are intended to give federal judges a level playing field for sentencing offenders.

The guidelines for federal sentencing take the following into consideration:

  • What type of offense was committed
  • How the offense was committed
  • The offender’s previous criminal history or background

The point system “awards” points to each of these categories, allowing a judge to determine how each area impacted the crime. If a defendant is given the maximum 43 points, they will receive a life sentence. Understanding how your offense will be prosecuted is crucial, as you need to be prepared to defend your case against even the toughest accusations and harshest penalties.

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Whether you were arrested for tax crimes or alien smuggling, you need a skilled federal crimes lawyer in Stuart who has experience with handling these types of cases. Let Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices step in on your behalf and shield your future. We are ready to employ sharp investigative tactics and incisive defense strategies to ensure you secure the best possible outcome in your case.

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GG Anonymous
03:41 29 Jun 18
Words cannot describe the outstanding jobMr. Gorman did on my husband’s case. The case was not simple or easy, it was just filled with terrible circumstances. An event that could have ruined the lives of our family for years to come. He somehow was able to get some extremely serious charges reduced significantly.....the outcome was far better than we were ever expecting or hoping for. If he at times cannot get back to you right away, it is because he is working his magic. We will never forget him and will forever be thankful to him.read more
Letrecial Jones
01:27 04 Apr 18
Jeff Gorman is nothing but the truth. My son was facing prison time until we hired Mr. Gorman. He is an excellent Lawyer, very professional and gets straight to the point.This is the first night in a long time I could relax knowing my son will not be going to prison. I recommend Jeff Gorman to anyone, any day and any time. Jeff Gorman today 04/03/18 you put a big smile on my face.. Thanks a million Jeff Gorman!!!read more
Marissa Minor
15:49 30 Mar 18
Mr. Gorman is nothing short of exceptional. I went to Jeff as a second opinion as I didn't feel my lawyer had my best interest at heart. Upon consultation, I immediately hired Jeff. He was professional, precise, and extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of law. He is nothing short a miracle. Needless to say, I received no jail (facing up to 30 years). Mr. Gorman and staff always kept me informed and fought for me. I would highly recommend him. It doesn't get any better than him.read more
joel genzen
19:13 10 May 18
Jeff has extensive knowledge in the field. I used his services twice. In both cases I had my charges dropped and reduced to a minimum. Highly recommend above all!read more
Brian Cain
01:27 28 Jun 18
Jeff is very understanding and he tries to help you a lot especially when the system comes after you and tries to screw you he's very respectful and honest he does try to help you real hardread more
Ali Nassar
03:04 19 Aug 18
by god willing than Mr.Jeff effort I got the 2 charges on me dropped he was with me almost everyday since the beginning of the case honest and clear person and I can’t thank him enoughread more
Thomas Rose
16:21 29 Aug 18
Jeff Gorman office's an excellent defense attorney. He did exactly what he promised to do and got my charges dismissed. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs an expert criminal defense attorney in Stuart Florida.read more
Dulce Escobar
20:37 12 Sep 18
Since I was 19 I have used Jeff for any uncomfortable situation I ran into with the law. Mostly for traffic criminal charges. I have used him on several occasions through out the years. Needless to say he has never disappointed me. He is very good at what he does. Friendly, effecient, and aggressive when it comes to defending you. I wish him the best he is awesome!!!read more
Jaime Rodriguez
19:54 18 Sep 18
Mr. Gorman is not only a great attorney by in my book, he’s a magician. He defended me on a “VERY SERIOUS” case with multiple charges (I will not mentioned here). From a 25 year sentence in which 17 would had been minimum mandatory, he managed to have serious charges dropped/abandone and was able to get me a deal that I was able to do at home. I hired him on a VOP (Violation Of Probation) for the same case and he was able to have the court reinstate my probation as we had proof that I in fact did not violate probation. Lastly, I hired him once again on an accident case in which I got injured and his attorney, Erika was able to get top dollar for such. I could go on with positive feedback. Overall, I’m 100% satisfied from day one. I won’t call any other attorney as he has proven to work for you every step of the way.read more
Russell Pierpont
18:12 13 Nov 18
I retained Mr. Jeff Gorman's for a criminal matter in St Lucie County. When we first met he listened to what I said, never took notes and was very casual. I was very confident in his ability from the first few moments we met.I have a long criminal history, the best offer the States Attorney would give was 3 years prison after Jeff Gorman got them down from the maximum sentence of 5 years.Jeff suggested we try to fight the case rather than accepting such a lengthy prison sentence. His team of paralegals spent over a year deferring my court appearance and worked on a motion to suppress the evidence.I took a plea at the hearing of the motion almost 2 years after my arrest. I was given two years probation, no classes, no tests and an immediate driver's license reinstatement. After only 5 months on probation my probation was changed to administrative probation as I have no restrictions ordered by the court except supervision. Now I call in once a month, pay the court and probation fees and I'm going for early termination in just 7 more months. This was my 6th time being charged with the same felony, with 3 trips to prison on my record.Jeff and his staff are the best I've ever worked with, he is honest, straight forward, no punches pulled and the best attorney I know. I would recommend him to anyone facing criminal chargesRP Vero Beach FLread more
Afsana ahmed
17:59 13 Jan 19
Mr. Gorman was a strong advocate on my behalf. He was professional and thorough and best of all, he got me results beyond my expectations. Also, during the whole process, he kept me appraised of the details of the case and all the options I had at each step of the process and suggested legal recommendations according to the development of the case. I would highly recommend his services in any legal matterread more
Alyssa Simpson
02:12 19 Jan 19
Really and truly appreciate this Man & his team! You guys are so awesome Thank you 🙂
Michael Stellato
03:39 29 Jan 19
Jeff is an outstanding character. Knowing my hardship I was facing he was there for me every step of the way and still is. He’s a great lawyer that will fight for what is right and will do everything he can to show the truth that you are not guilty. Don’t hire anyone but Jeff.read more
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