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Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart Florida Covering Port St. Lucie To West Palm Beach Florida

Serious personal injury or death can occur in an infinite number of ways.

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Gorman 772-888-8888 Stuart Florida Port St Lucie Florida and West Palm Beach Florida

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff T. Gorman 772-888-8888

Car and truck accidents, an accident at work, a construction accident, a slip and fall, transportation accidents, boating accidents or defective products are among just a few. The number of ways an accident can cause personal injuries is virtually limitless.

The injured person or the family of the deceased should not be forced to simply live with the consequences of avoidable accidents.and common sense require that those who cause harm through negligent conduct should be held accountable for the damages they cause.

The law protects us from the negligence of others by giving everyone the right to prosecute a civil case against who negligently harmed someone. This is a protection that has helped make our roads safer and manufactured products safer as well.

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At Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices, our personal injury lawyers practice in a variety of areas:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death
Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Gorman 772-888-8888 Stuart Florida Port St Lucie Florida and West Palm Beach Florida

Work Accidents, Dog Bites, Wrongful Death, Slip and Falls Personal Injury Lawyer Call Now 772-888-8888

When faced with catastrophic injury (such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain injury, burn injury, amputation, complex regional pain syndrome, blindness, etc.) or the wrongful death of a loved one, an injured person’s limited knowledge of the law coupled with stressful circumstances makes seeking legal advice soon after an accident a wise decision.

You should have an experienced, courageous, creative and respected personal injury lawyer to help you through the legal maze. Special knowledge of physics, medicine, engineering and economics are all a part of the arsenal of a good personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyers at Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices know how to find and talk to experts in various fields, and how to interpret their records, reports, and opinions.

We also know how to effectively discredit the experts hired by insurance defense lawyers.

Retain a personal injury lawyer in Stuart Florida you can trust!

Jeff Gorman_Personal Injury lawyer Stuart Florida St Lucie FL West Palm Beach

Jeff Gorman Personal Injury Lawyer Covering Stuart, Port St. Lucie to West Palm Beach Florida will Fight For You! Call Now 772-888-8888

Less experienced lawyers sometimes miss claims that might not be obvious at first or that might take some research. They also may lack the creativity or resources necessary to investigate and pursue all available claims.  Jeff T. Gorman Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart Florida will look at all avenues for recovery. For instance, while on-the- job injuries are usually covered by workers compensation, if someone other than a co-employee or your employer contributes to the cause of the injury, then a lawsuit against that “third party” for additional recovery might be appropriate.

In many cases, there might be multiple parties responsible for causing a serious injury or death. For example, while a driver of another car might be at fault for an accident, other contributing factors—like a poorly designed or maintained roadway or a defect in one of the vehicles involved—might give rise to liability against additional defendants. We work hard to make sure that all parties responsible for an injury or death are held accountable.

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Even when the defendant does not have insurance (or not enough insurance) to compensate you for your injuries, the lawyers at Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices have solutions. For example, in an automobile accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, if the party that caused the injury or death does not have enough insurance coverage, you may have an additional claim under your own automobile “uninsured” or “underinsured” motorist coverage. This may even be available if you were a pedestrian or a passenger in someone else’s vehicle.

An open-minded, experienced and creative personal injury attorney in Stuart Florida, like Jeff T. Gorman Law, will find the best methods and sources of recovery for you.

Damages & Recovery

Every case has three major parts – liability (proving the defendant’s fault in negligence of a legal duty), causation (proving the link between the defendant’s conduct and your damages) and damages (proving the fair and reasonable value of your losses). A good and reputable trial lawyer can make a sizable difference not only in being able to win your case, but also in maximizing the type and amount of damages you ultimately recover. Please see our Resources page for information on how to obtain accident reports, government agencies to report to, medical information and insurance and consumer information. These resources can be quite helpful in making sure you have the information we need to best evaluate your case.


Timing is a critical factor in any case. Early assistance and preparation are the keys to obtaining successful results. Critical evidence must be preserved and witnesses must be located and contacted as soon as possible. Doctors in appropriate specialties must also be consulted. Evaluation by experts in fields such as medicine, engineering, product design, an accident reconstruction might be critical to the eventual outcome of your case as well. Once you are represented by an attorney, your opponent’s insurance company or their attorney can no longer contact you directly, which they often will do to obtain a statement that they will attempt to use against you later in your case. Protect yourself and your case by securing an attorney right away.

Filing a claim

Questions naturally arise about how, when and where claims must be filed. Failure to timely file certain claims with the proper agencies or courts may result in complete forfeiture of your case. For example, in Florida, most lawsuits against a private person or entity must be filed within two years of the accident or the claim will be barred by the statute of limitations. Claims against public entities, such as cities, counties, the state or a public agency, must be filed within six months of the accident. If the claim falls under federal law, different rules may apply. These and other factors critical to successfully pursuing your right to recovery are reasons why you should contact an attorney at Jeff T. Gorman Law Offices immediately.

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GG Anonymous
GG Anonymous
03:41 29 Jun 18
Words cannot describe the outstanding jobMr. Gorman did on my husband’s case. The case was not simple or easy, it was just filled with terrible circumstances. An event that could have ruined the lives of our family for years to come. He somehow was able to get some extremely serious charges reduced significantly.....the outcome was far better than we were ever expecting or hoping for. If he at times cannot get back to you right away, it is because he is working his magic. We will never forget him and will forever be thankful to more
Letrecial Jones
Letrecial Jones
01:27 04 Apr 18
Jeff Gorman is nothing but the truth. My son was facing prison time until we hired Mr. Gorman. He is an excellent Lawyer, very professional and gets straight to the point.This is the first night in a long time I could relax knowing my son will not be going to prison. I recommend Jeff Gorman to anyone, any day and any time. Jeff Gorman today 04/03/18 you put a big smile on my face.. Thanks a million Jeff Gorman!!!read more
Marissa Minor
Marissa Minor
15:49 30 Mar 18
Mr. Gorman is nothing short of exceptional. I went to Jeff as a second opinion as I didn't feel my lawyer had my best interest at heart. Upon consultation, I immediately hired Jeff. He was professional, precise, and extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of law. He is nothing short a miracle. Needless to say, I received no jail (facing up to 30 years). Mr. Gorman and staff always kept me informed and fought for me. I would highly recommend him. It doesn't get any better than more
joel genzen
joel genzen
19:13 10 May 18
Jeff has extensive knowledge in the field. I used his services twice. In both cases I had my charges dropped and reduced to a minimum. Highly recommend above all!read more
Brian Cain
Brian Cain
01:27 28 Jun 18
Jeff is very understanding and he tries to help you a lot especially when the system comes after you and tries to screw you he's very respectful and honest he does try to help you real hardread more
Ali Nassar
Ali Nassar
03:04 19 Aug 18
by god willing than Mr.Jeff effort I got the 2 charges on me dropped he was with me almost everyday since the beginning of the case honest and clear person and I can’t thank him enoughread more
Thomas Rose
Thomas Rose
16:21 29 Aug 18
Jeff Gorman office's an excellent defense attorney. He did exactly what he promised to do and got my charges dismissed. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs an expert criminal defense attorney in Stuart more
Dulce Escobar
Dulce Escobar
20:37 12 Sep 18
Since I was 19 I have used Jeff for any uncomfortable situation I ran into with the law. Mostly for traffic criminal charges. I have used him on several occasions through out the years. Needless to say he has never disappointed me. He is very good at what he does. Friendly, effecient, and aggressive when it comes to defending you. I wish him the best he is awesome!!!read more
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez
19:54 18 Sep 18
Mr. Gorman is not only a great attorney by in my book, he’s a magician. He defended me on a “VERY SERIOUS” case with multiple charges (I will not mentioned here). From a 25 year sentence in which 17 would had been minimum mandatory, he managed to have serious charges dropped/abandone and was able to get me a deal that I was able to do at home. I hired him on a VOP (Violation Of Probation) for the same case and he was able to have the court reinstate my probation as we had proof that I in fact did not violate probation. Lastly, I hired him once again on an accident case in which I got injured and his attorney, Erika was able to get top dollar for such. I could go on with positive feedback. Overall, I’m 100% satisfied from day one. I won’t call any other attorney as he has proven to work for you every step of the more
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